People and the Camino

When thinking about who we might meet on this journey, I expected there would be people from all over the world we would encounter and that has certainly been the case. Not only have we met pilgrims but we’ve also met beautiful Spaniards who lovingly share their stories with us. Every time a pilgrim or Spaniard shares their story, I feel that I am being blessed. I also can see that the world is not that big.

The pilgrims we’ve met are people that are doing this journey for their own reasons. Some are doing it to get a physical challenge, while others have a more spiritual reason. No matter the why, we all want a sense of connection to others or something. Here are some of the pilgrims we’ve connected with and continue to watch out for in our daily walks.

Gavin and Marie– What an amazing couple! They’re from New Zealand and are retired like us. These two have done the Camino twice before, once the French way (the same we’re doing now) and once the Portugal way. They are so inspiring. Marie was a previous school teacher so she and I have bonded on that topic. Gavin and Jim have bonded over desserts. Besides this common ground, we’ve learned that we look at life the same way.

Kat– On sabbatical for 18 months, Kat is walking the Camino and embracing whatever comes next in life. She lives in New Jersey but is originally from Oklahoma. Her wit is sharp, and we always have great conversations when she’s around. Kat has an infectious laugh and has wise words when they are needed.

Robin– Currently living in Virginia but originally from Oregon, Robin has a warrior spirit. She’s had a few setbacks but has continued to persevere to complete the Camino. Her reason for doing this journey is very close and dear to her heart. Robin has an open heart and draws people to her.

Gavin and Marie are to the right of me. Kat is next to Annie and Robin is to the left of Jim.

Hillary and Graham– They are also from New Zealand. They have a great sense of humor, we laugh just as much as we talk when we’re with them. Whenever we walk with them, we talk so much we get through many miles without realizing it. Hillary and I have a love of reading, and we’ve recommended books to each other. Jim and Graham talk non-stop about everything and anything. They are very easy going and being with them is effortless.

Hillary is across from me and Graham is next to Annie.

Morris– This young man is phenomenal. He’s 18 years old and has an old soul. Wise beyond his years. It took him a year to convince his parents to let him do the Camino on his own. He sung in a traveling choir in school and loved it. At the beginning of this journey, he was doubting his ability to complete it. However, he is feeling more confident now and I truly believe he will be in Santiago along with the rest of us. His goal is to get inspiration on his next phase in life from the Camino.

Morris and I this morning after walking together for 4.1 miles.

Beatriz, Patricia and Martine– These 3 ladies are from France. This is their first time walking the Camino like us. Between Spanish, English and French, we communicate with each other. Jim and I speak the little French we know every time we see them. They put up with us 😂. Patricia has been to SF and she loves it. We all agree that war and hate are senseless.

To the right of me is Beatriz, Patricia and Martine. W

Terry– Terry is originally from San Diego but is now living in Arizona. She has amazing energy and is not afraid of much. Her goal is to get to Santiago to meet her hubby and celebrate her birthday. I have no doubt she will make it there just fine.

Terry is in the middle in the blue green top.

There are others that we’ve met whose company we have enjoyed while walking, having a break on our walk, or who we’ve reunited with at the end of our walk. We think of them all and if we don’t see them for several days, we wonder how they’re doing. The pilgrim community is one that embodies support for each other, celebrating our successes, and enjoying each other’s company. This community can teach a lot to the world.

6 responses to “People and the Camino”

  1. What a wonderful post. They are the luck ones to have had the opportunity to meet you 🥰 we’re all blessed because of it ⭐️

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  2. What a great mix of people and reasons for doing the Camino…I was beginning to wonder when you were going to post about the wonderful people you’ve met and more to come…keep it up sis, love you guys and proud of you…❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you Baby! I love you! 😘😘😘


  3. Your world is richer because of the people you meet. And theirs is richer for knowing you three. xo

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  4. […] of their journey and what they’re learning and experiencing along the way. Here’s the link to the post that introduces her readers to some of the people they’ve met along the way. And […]

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