Before the Camino…Visiting Family

This past Wednesday, we left home to begin our trip. Before heading to Spain, we wanted to stop for a visit with my cousin Tracy and her beautiful family. To say that I was excited to see her would be an understatement.

Tracy was born nine years after me. Being older, I loved taking care of her and her sister Suzanne. After I moved to California though, I lost touch with both of them. That always bothered me because I cared about them very much. Years later I reconnected with Suzanne but for various reasons was not able to do the same with Tracy.

In 2019, Suzanne passed away unexpectedly and Tracy reached out to me over messenger. I did not realize I had a message from her until a year later. From the moment I contacted her, we’ve been in contact via text, phone calls, Zoom and in person. I’ve enjoyed every second we’ve been connected and getting to know her as an adult. We have found that we have many things in common and that includes travel and good food. I foresee some future trips together with amazing gastronomical experiences.

For this trip, Stephen and Tracy have been our gracious tour guides in Connecticut and it has been fabulous. We’ve eaten great pizza at Pepe Pizzeria, delicious Mediterranean salads at Orem’s Diner, and creamy ice cream at Arethusa Farm; taken the train into NYC and visited the Tenement Museum; hiked part of the Saugatuck Universal Access Trail; and walked through the Yale campus. Connecticut is small in size but rich in history and things to do. One interesting fact about Connecticut is that it is the only state that colonized a part of another state – Ohio. Our cup runneth over with gratitude to our cousins for their kindness and love. We’re looking forward to our next visit already!

We hiked a 6.6 mile trail in the Saugatuck Universal Access Trail. It was labeled as easy to moderate but it really felt more like a moderate trail. Great workout!
New Canaan, CT station. You can take the train into Grand Central Station in NYC.
P.S. 42 off Orchard Street. It was part of the tour we took at the Tenement Museum. Many years ago classes had 70-75 students due to the many immigrant families that lived in the area.
One scoop of coconut ice cream with dark chocolate chunks. Soooo good!
One of the many beautiful spots on the Yale campus.

7 responses to “Before the Camino…Visiting Family”

  1. So excite about your journey! Bon voyage!

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    1. Merci Mon ami❤️❤️


  2. Oh my gosh! This format is amazing! Loving “our” vacation already!

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  3. We’re so excited for your trip and the adventure that unfolds. I know you will have a wonderful time and I’m excited to live vicariously through your eyes and experiences that are yet to be revealed. Have a great trip and take care of each other as I know you do every day!

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    1. Thank you dear friend!


  4. Maria McCullough Avatar
    Maria McCullough

    Kathy, I love that you’re taking us on your journey through this venue. How wonderful that you were able to reconnect with Tracy and her family. What a wonderful way to begin your adventure. My heart is full for you. ♥️ Safe travels my dear friend.


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